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Jim and Nancy... Modern day pioneers!

This week I had a very interesting pickup at the airport.

Jim and Nancy were here from Alaska to spend the holidays at their winter home in Saint James City. They were flying in with two suitcases, a very large cooler, and their 4 month old, black Labrador retriever, Abby!

Jim and Nancy both had careers with the Federal Aviation Administration in Alaska, where they have lived and worked most of their lives. Today they are modern day pioneers!

Back in the 60's the government provided an opportunity to purchase land in Alaska. Jim bought 5 acres and 1000 feet of river frontage at the whopping rate of $50 per acre! The only downside was that it was 50 miles from the nearest road!

As an avid outdoors-man and fisherman, Jim first built a cabin on the property. He also purchased an additional five acre track of land giving him a total of 10 acres!

Everything they needed...building supplies, fuel, generators, tools, food, etc. had to be delivered during the winter when the river was frozen and could be used as a road. Large utility snowmobiles and sleds brought in their supplies.

After years of using the cabin, Jim and Nancy decided to live on the land more permanently. Now a larger home with modern day conveniences had to be designed and constructed.

Jim and Nancy have built a 3600 square foot home on their property. It is a two story octagon home with a large deck that encircles the upper level. They have solar panels that provide their electricity and they heat with fuel oil (delivered by snowmobiles).

They live in their Alaska house seven months out of the year and are totally off the grid!

Jim and Nancy have two daughters and four grandchildren, who all love "getting away from it all" and spending time in the wilderness of Alaska!

Abby, their four month old, Labrador retriever is the newest member of the family. She is being trained to hunt pheasants with Jim!

It was amazing for me (more of a city slicker) to meet these modern day pioneers!

Thanks so much for sharing your story with Uber Namez!

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