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Nathaly... Thank you Julio!

Late one night I received a ride request from Nathaly.

En route to her pick up location I kept looking at her unique name and trying to determine the correct pronunciation.

As she entered the car and I awkwardly greeted her as "Nath-ily", she quickly corrected me. "Oh, I'm Natalie. Thanks for picking me up."

In my mind I could not get past the typical sound of a "th" blend, and the pronunciation of "Nath-ily".

I inquired about the unique spelling of her name and she explained that it is Spanish, although it is pronounced the same as the English version, Natalie.

Nathaly was actually named after one of her mother's favorite songs..."Nathalie", performed by the famous Spanish singer, Julio Iglesias!

Nathaly was born in New York but was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. As a youth she was a talented violinist and played in her high school orchestra.

Today she enjoys working out at the gym and watching historic plays and movies. She is a fan of Shakespeare, the Middle Ages, and the lives of kings and queens. "Hamlet" is one of her favorite plays.

Nathaly's friendly and easy-going personality make her a good fit to serve as the office manager of her brother-in-law's construction company.

Call Eddie Construction in Fort Myers and talk to Nathaly about your construction, roofing, or remodeling needs.

AND thanks, Julio, for a beautiful song and a great name!

Welcome, Nathaly, to Uber Namez!

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