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Micayla, Amanda and Andie... the girls are back in town!

University students are returning to Southwest Florida and utilizing the Uber services.

This week I picked up three young ladies who each had an interesting story about their name.

Meet Micayla, Amanda, and Andie!

A recent graduate of FGCU, Micayla holds a degree in Health Care Administration. She just accepted a position with the Lee Memorial Healthcare System and will be working at Health Park.

From an early age her parents were preparing her to serve in the health care industry. Her initials are M.D. and she was named after Dr. Michaela Quinn from the popular television series, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Notice, however, the unique spelling of her name...


Amanda has an older sister who actually bore the same name, Amanda, for the first three days of her life. Her parents had two names in mind for their daughter, Amanda and Brianna. They initially named her older sister Amanda, but after three days changed their mind and opted for Brianna.

The name Amanda was then held in reserve for daughter number two!

Amanda's middle name, Elizabeth, comes from both her grandmother and her great grandmother!

Amanda is from Naples, FL. She is a student at FGCU majoring in Psychology.

Andie is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She is a student at Ave Maria University, where she is also studying Psychology.

Andie was named after Andie MacDowell, the actress and model who played a lead roll in the movie Groundhog Day.

Please welcome Micayla, Amanda and Andie to Uber Namez!

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