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Nichole... Victorious!

This was another one of those quick trips down Cleveland Avenue, where I only had a short time to meet my passenger.

But the unique spelling of her name encouraged me to ask a few quick questions.

Nichole was happy to share her story!

She told me that when she was born her parents were 100% expecting the arrival of a son, and they would name him Jordan. They hadn't even thought about a name for a little girl. So Nichole came as a special surprise!

Her Dad immediately suggested several common Spanish names including Maria, Isabella, and Camilla. But her mother said, "No...let's call her Nichole!" It was a very spontaneous decision.

It seems appropriate that the name Nichole means "people's victory" or "victorious people"! What a special gift and victory...the birth of a little girl!

After her birth Nichole's parents held on to their hopes for a son, and Jordan eventually arrived!

But FIRST, they were blessed with FOUR lovely daughters!

Thank you, Nichole for sharing your story.

Welcome to Uber namez!

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