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Zachary... What a Character!

Although Zachary had a rather common name, I found Zach to be an extremely interesting and unique person! He was enthusiastic and seemed genuinely joyful. You could say that he was a "real character"!

Growing up in Georgia, Zach knew from a very early age that he would like to be a performer. After seeing the Broadway production of Cats at age seven , he was hooked!

Zach eventually earned a degree in musical theatre from Belmont University and his dreams of acting, singing, and dancing became a reality.

I met Zach in Fort Myers during the production of Nickelodean's Paw Patrol Live, Race to the Rescue, where Zach plays the role of a Paw Patrol Pup! During the presentation Zach slips into a large, heavy, and cumbersome pup suit and is required to be "over-the-top" animated, happy, and excited. It's a challenging role but he loves it!

Zach is one of twenty actors in the ENTIRE WORLD to play such a role, so he is definitely a one-in-a-million type of guy!

Whenever you attend a theatrical production or Broadway show, keeps your eyes open for Zachary Waters.


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