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Stephania... Semper Fi!

Today one of my passengers was a young lady with both a unique name, AND a compelling story!

Her name is Stephania (Stef-on-ia) and she recently graduated from Lehigh High School.

She is the middle of five children and has a sister, Gwentervia, who could pass as her twin. Stephania showed me several photos and the resemblance is quite striking!

While in high school Stephania was a cheerleader and also a four year cadet in the JROTC program! There she served as a Supply Sergeant.

She has enlisted in the US Marine Corps under their delayed entry program and will be headed for Parris Island SC within the next few weeks.

As a Marine, she will be assigned to administrative duties.

While chatting with Stephania, it was interesting all of the little connections that we shared.

1. We are both the middle child in a family with five children.

2. We both served as military supply Sergeants. Stephania with JROTC and me with the US Army Reserve.

3. She just graduated from HS and I have a son who just graduated.

4. She is enlisted in the delayed entry program in the Marine Corps, while my son was in the same program and is currently in boot camp at Parris Island.

5. Stephania and my son were also involved in joint training last year as Marine recruits.

This trip was a good reminder that we have a lot more in common with others than sometimes meets the eye!

It was my pleasure to get to know Stephania, and I applaud her desire to serve our country. Thank you, in advance, for your service and commitment.

My best to you! Semper Fi!

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