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Captain Kelci!

Last week I picked up a group of friends in downtown Fort Myers. One of the young ladies was visiting from up north where she attends Ohio University.

She had a relatively common name, but spelled in a very uncommon way... KELCI!

She explained that the spelling was a reflection of some family names.

Kelci is third from the left.

The first two letters, "K" and "e" came from her dad's name; Kevin. The "l" was from the first letter of her mother's maiden name. And the "c" and "i" were the last two letters of her mom's name; Marci.

Wow! What a neat name!

Kelci was very enthusiastic and had some pretty lofty goals.

Her mom has a close friend who is an airline pilot, and she has inspired Kelci to study aviation, as well.

Kelci has already secured her private pilot's license, and one day would like to become a commercial pilot!

It is interesting that the name Kelci means "ship's victory". This seems appropriate for someone who will be responsible for manuevering a very large vessel.

Soon she'll be flying high!

Best of luck in reaching your goals, Kelci!

FYI Her friends were pretty impressive, as well; working in IT research and sales with the Gartner Group.

It was my pleasure to have you all as passengers!

(In the photo Kelci is the gal with the big smile, third from the left.)

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