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Jonalyn... a young lady with a bright future!

I picked up Jonalyn and two of her friends/business associates for a night out in downtown FM.

Jonalyn grew up in Lee County and graduated from HS at the age of 16.

Because of her youth she followed her parents wishes and attended FGCU, staying close to home.

She graduated with a degree in education and began her work career as a 4th grade teacher.

After a short time in the classroom, Jonalyn took a position with the Gartner Group, where she currently works.

Her name means "God is gracious" and is a feminine variation of the name "John". Her name was chosen by both of her parents, and although she's had various nicknames, she prefers to be called Jonalyn!

Based on her name, friendships, family, intelligence, and careers it seems that God has, indeed, been gracious to her! Her future seems bright!

Thanks, Jonalyn, for sharing your lovely name with the Ubernamez audience!

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