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Edwina (A Rich Friend!)

Recently I had a very enjoyable trip with a couple going to Naples, FL for some rest and relaxation. They were from two different midwestern states and were excited to enjoy the sun and the sand!

At first, there did not seem to be anything unique about the woman's name...she was "Wendy" from Ohio. But as we talked and I told her about, a twinkle came to her eye and she revealed her REAL name...Edwina!

"Really?!?!", I said. "Can you tell me more about your name?"

She excitedly recalled the following story!

In 1960 her mother, living in the Phillipines, was pregnant and trying to determine a name, should she be blessed with a baby girl.

Realize that at that time there was very little written literature available in the Phillipines. It was rare to come across a newspaper, book, or even a magazine.

But on this particular day she happened upon a copy of a magazine called The Plain Truth. She began to read, intent on securing a great name for a daughter. And that is where she found the name Edwina...the name given to my passenger!

Edwina eventually moved to the United States. Here she wanted a name that was a little more "hip". A friend suggested Wendy..."because there was a "W" in the name Edwina, afterall!"

Edwina, also known as Wendy, is now a successful realtor in Ohio.

It is interesting to note that Edwina is the feminine version of the Old English name Edwin which means "rich friend"!

Thanks, Edwina, for sharing your story and your lovely name!

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