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Jaswandee...the Queen of A.K.A.

A pleasant and humorous surprise awaited me tonight as I recieved a trip request from "Bo".

As you would imagine, I had expected that Bo would be of the male gender. I did have a regular passenger by that name and I was fully expecting that it would be him.

But, to my astonishment, it wasn't him, and, in fact, was a young lady known as "Bo"!

As I inquired about her unique name she explained that for the past 5 or 6 years she was called "Bo" because of the tattoo of a "bow" on her wrist.

Prior to that she was called "Shae" which was actually her middle name.

Her REAL name, however, was one that she disliked, as a child, because it was so difficult to pronounce. She told me that at the beginning of each school year she would cry , knowing that the teacher would not be able to say her name properly and, thus draw unwanted attention in her direction.

Her real name is Jaswandee! (Not too difficult, if you break it down...Jaw-swan-dee.)

Her own siblings and relatives also struggled with the name, so they often just called her "Swan" or "Swandee"!

The name "Jaswandee" originates from Africa and means "ownership" or "to own something".

What a treat to meet the queen of A.K.A.!! (Also Know As)


A.K.A. "Bo"

A.KA. "Shae"

A.K.A. "Swan"

A.K.A. "Swandee"!!!

Bo works at a call center and is studying diligently at Sunstate to become a hair stylist and barber.

As a bonus to her amazing name story, Bo has a daughter named Zari Abrianna. The middle name "Abrianna" is in honor of her grand father, "Abraham".

Note: When our trip ended my face was sore from laughing and smiling with these two fascinating passengers!!!

I couldn't wait to get home to write this blog!!!

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