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I had the pleasure of meeting CaSandra and Bill on the 4th of July, as they were enroute to a celebration with friends.

As you might imagine, the spelling of her name caught my attention as we typically see this name spelled "Cassandra".

My passenger was very aware of the differences and explained that the more common spelling was Spanish, while her name was Greek! She was named after her mother's aunt.

Her name means, "unheeded prophetess" and is derived from the Greek Kassandra. She was the mythological daughter of Priam and Hecuba and had the power of prophesy. She had forseen the fall of Troy but her warnings were ignored.

CaSandra described the meaning of her name as follows, "I was named after the goddess of gloom, doom, and destruction!!! Thanks a lot, Mom!!!"

Despite her name's origin, CaSandra and Bill are an awesome couple dedicated to constructing beautiful works of art. They create magnificent, glass blown chandeliers!!!

Visit them at

Thanks to the Greeks! You have a wonderful name, CaSandra!

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