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Today I met "Ayla" and her two precious daughters! They were all looking "sportsy" as they were headed home from a workout at the gym.

Although I had not heard this name before, Ayla assured me that it was more common than I might expect.

While attending a small college in Pennsylvania, Ayla heard that there was another person with that name on campus. She was very surprised! Although their paths never crossed in college, they did eventually meet one another. Ironically, it was many years later after they both moved to Florida!

Ayla's name was taken from the 1986 film "Clan of the Cave Bear" where a young foundling is separated from her parents and is raised by Neanderthals. Despite the grunting, "old-school" cavemen, Ayla grows to be a strong, free-spirited, independent woman.

This name has a Turkish meaning of "a halo of light around the moon", or from Hebrew..."oak tree"!

It was my pleasure to meet Ayla and her girls!

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