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One of my last rides of the night was with a gracious gal named Mary.

Her name stood out to me, as my mother is "Mary", and I also have a daughter named "Merry".

We enjoyed a pleasant conversation and I told her a little about the special "Mary's" in my life.

When we arrived at her gated community she was asked to state her name and address. I was surprised that she did not give the name "Mary", but instead she introduced herself as "Trinka"! That was a surprise!

When I asked her about the name "Trinka" she told me that it was actually a nickname that her parents gave her when whe was very young.

Apparently, at the age of two her mother gave her a "bob type" haircut that reminded her of a little Dutch girl named "Katrinka". That nickname has stuck throughout her life and most people know her as "Trinka"!

Thanks for sharing your story, Trinka, and welcome to the blog!

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