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Gerald (Gare-ald)

Today I met another Uber driver who, in many ways, was a mirror image of ME!!! Listen to this!!!

I am Gerald...he is Gerald, but pronounced with a soft G, "Gare-ald".

I am called Gerry...he is called Gerry, but pronounced with a soft G, "Gary".

I am 57 years old...he is 57 years old.

I taught elementary PE...he teaches elementary PE.

I drive for Uber...he drives for Uber.

I drive for Lyft...he drives for Lyft.

I came to SWFL in 1984 to teach...he came to SWFL in 1983 to teach. (only one year apart)

How about that?!?!?!?

Gerald is originally from Michigan, he is still teaching PE, and he has two awesome children...a son and a daughter.

His daughter is a bright young lady studying to become a veterinarian and his son is a top rated HS long snapper, who will soon be playing football in college. Keep your eyes open for Oscar Kenneth (aka "OK") on Saturdays!

It was great to meet you, Gerald!!! Keep up that 5 star service!!!

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