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Julie and Charlotte BFF

Tonight I had the privilege of meeting two of Lee County's newest residents, Julie and Charlotte!

The girls attended the same high school in Pennsylvania and became good friends while on a school trip to Greece. They've been best friends ever since!

After high school they parted ways as Charlotte pursued a degree at the University of Vermont and Julie headed off to Penn State.

For more than seven years they have dreamed of becoming roommates. Just YESTERDAY that dream was fulfilled as they rented an apartment right here in Fort Myers!

Charlotte is a professional writer and Julie will be employed with the Gartner group.

The girls both love animals and have taken a bold step by each adopting a small dog! Charlotte's dog will be named "Timmy" after "Tiny Tim" from A Christmas Carol.

(It is interesting to note that the name Charlotte actually means "tiny and feminine".)

Julie is planning to name her dog "Leo" in honor of her "Nittany Lions". The name will also demonstrate a connection to the month of July, AND to her family dog, "Tiger", back in Pennsylvania!

Julie is named after the beloved singer, Julie Andrews. Her name means "youthful and vivacious".

It was my pleasure to have Julie and Charlotte as passengers and I welcome them to Lee County.

Thanks for sharing your story on Uber Names of SWFL!

(Julie noted that she considers herself the "black sheep" of her family, as her dad, mom and brother's names all began with the letter "R": Ron, Robin, and Robert!

In reality, however, she is simply unique!)

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