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UBER Stories Timiyah... A million dreams!

This is Keisha and her daughter Timiyah.

While Keisha has been a frequent passenger, today was the first time that I met her daughter.

Timiyah (Tim-eye-ya) was a delight! She was very articulate, and she impressed me with her passion and sincerity.

She recently completed third grade and is soon to be the

the eldest of four daughters! Her mom is pregnant with another girl and is expecting in August.

Timiyah and I enjoyed a spirited conversation as she shared many of her thoughts and dreams.

When she grows up she would like to do many different things, and there are so many possibilities!

Because of her big heart for both people and animals she would like to become a doctor and a veterinarian.

With a rare maturity and sincerity, she explained how millions of children never get to reach their dreams. They are sick and hospitalized because of cancer. She is determined to help them and possibly find a cure.

Timiyah also loves animals and sees a need for more shelters and protection for our furry friends. Once again, she wants to be part of the solution.

Timiyah is a thinker who loves learning and doing projects. She has a creative optimistic flare. At one point she exclaimed, "We need more people in this world, so we can help more people!"

The name Timiyah is a form of the more common masculine name, Timothy, which means "honoring God" or "honored by God". What an appropriate name for a gal with such a big heart!

It was a true

joy and pleasure for me to meet this fine young lady!

Our conversation sparked a renewed hope for our country's future and reminded me of the popular song "A Million Dreams" from the hit movie The Greatest Showman. I pray that Timiyah's dreams one day become a reality.

Please welcome Timiyah to the Ubernamez blog!

T is for tender, loving nature

I is for incorruptible, always standing up for what is right

M is for mild, your mild and gentle way

I is for ignite, the fire in you!

Y is for youthful, your eternal look.

A is for advantage, for you are blessed with many

H is for happy, your wonderful laugh.

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