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Elihu... AKA Quint

When the name "Quint" appeared on my Uber app, I immediately took notice and anticipated adding another passenger to the Ubernamez family.

As you can tell, I wasn't disappointed!

Shortly after Quint and his fellow passengers were settled in their seats, I inquired about his unique name. He stated in a matter-of-fact tone (as if he had explained this many times before) that Quint was just a nickname.

That's when his friend, in the backseat, exclaimed, "Wait until you hear his real name!" He went on to proclaim, "His real name is Elihu!"

Quint then explained, "That's correct. My real name is Elihu, but it can be hard to pronounce so I just go by the nickname, 'Quint'."

Elihu (El-eh-hue or E-lie-hue) is a Bible name that means "He is My God". Although there are several different men who bore this name, Quint was most likely named after a military leader who joined King David and was considered one of David's mighty men. He is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 12:20.

Quint has an amazing family heritage and legacy, as he is a fifth generation Elihu.

One very interesting and special aspect of his name is that Elihu has NO middle name. This has actually provided some challenges and has made him a bit suspect with government agencies and in regard to legal documents.

Elihu...AKA Quint, is originally from Louisville Kentucky and from a young age was interested in military service. Through an ROTC program Elihu was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, where he served for ten years. He eventually earned the rank of captain and provided leadership as an infantry officer at Fort Stewart and Fort Benning.

After resigning his position in the Army, Elihu was recruited by the Gartner Corporation where he now helps to lead their service department in Fort Myers.

It was my pleasure and honor to have Elihu as my passenger.

I am grateful for his service to our country, and proudly welcome him to the Ubernamez blog.

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