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Devin...1,427 feet!

Devin was a recent passenger who, at first glance, didn't seem a likely candidate for the Ubernamez blog. He was just a nice young man with a rather typical name.

But, as we began to chat, I realized that he was a very interesting person with a story that I was excited to share!

Devin works in a unique and specialized industry, and he has accomplished a feat that very few can boast.

Devin is a 6 foot 6 inch Fort Myers native, who graduated from Ida Baker High School. He was a talented athlete who played both football and basketball. As a junior he was actually selected to play basketball in the prestigious Nike Elite Youth Basketball League!

After graduating from high school, Devin

went right to work in the field of construction. But, through a chance conversation with a friend, he accepted a job working with a cell phone tower company.

He started working on the ground level, but as he learned the ropes he eventually was called upon to climb towers for service and repair.

From a young age Devin had a fear of heights and mentioned how ironic it was that he began climbing towers.

He shared that when he was about 5 or 6 years old, he and his mother were traveling on a commercial airliner when one of the engines malfunctioned. The plane quickly descended and flew to the closest airport for an emergency landing. There the windows were removed and he and his mother escaped the plane utilizing the inflated slide! This was a bit traumatic for a little guy.

So, when he began working on the towers he had a real challenge. He had to focus on the job and not on the climbing. He realized that it was not dangerous work, as long as you followed the safety protocol.

"What is the tallest tower that you have ever climbed?" I inquired. Immediately he responded with a very precise answer, "It was 1,427 feet tall! It's about the height of the Empire State Building!"

Wow! Now, that is an impressive climb!

And, most likely, a feat that very few have ever attempted.

As you've already concluded, Devin has overcome his fear of heights and now is moving up in his field of expertise. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and is now a supervisor with the company.

The name Devin comes from the word "divine" and in his occupation I'm certain that he often feels a bit closer to "THE Divine".

It is my pleasure to welcome Devin to Ubernamez!

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