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Galela... Just look at that horizon!

Galela (Gull-lee-la) was a joyful and enthusiastic passenger that I took for a quick trip one evening in Bonita Springs.

She is an optical technician who LOVES to travel! She has been to Mexico, Jamaica, the Netherlands and throughout the United States. Galela is currently planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland!

She comes from a large blended family and is one of 15 siblings! At the age of 10 she was actually adopted by an older, half brother.

Because of her youthful appearance and zest, I was totally shocked when she revealed that she was, in fact, 41 years old!

When I asked about her name she told me that it was from the Cherokee Indians. AND it has an amazing meaning...Galela is the feeling you get when you look out at the horizon.

Wow!!! Isn't that an awesome name?!?!

Please welcome Galela to Ubernamez!

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