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Teddy and Mary... trailblazers!

Sunday morning I had the delight of driving Teddy and Mary to church. Although both of these women have lived extraordinary lives, today I'd like to highlight Teddy's story.

Teddy's real name is Charlotte, but at a very early age several of her playmates, for some unknown reason, nicknamed her Teddy. The name stuck and she has been known as Teddy her entire life!

Growing up in Michigan in the 30's and 40's Teddy was a bit of a trailblazer. While many young women, at the time, were getting married and taking on the role of mother and housewife, Teddy enrolled at Michigan State University. In 1950 she earned a degree in Physical Education. After teaching high school girls P.E. for three years she went back to Michigan State for her Masters degree. Teddy taught high school P.E. for another six years before making a major career change.

Teddy was hired by Eastern Michigan University as a Physical Education Professor with the responsibility of training and developing thousands of new P.E. Instructors.

Teddy was right at home at EMU where she would teach for the next 36 years!

When asked about her favorite P.E. activity to teach, Teddy quickly responded, "I really enjoyed teaching people how to swim. It was a skill that would be of benefit throughout their entire life."

(At this point, Mary mentioned that she had never learned to swim. So, maybe Teddy would have one final swimming student!)

Now, well into her retirement, Teddy is a resident at Brookdale Assisted Living Community.

Thank you, Teddy, for sharing your story with Uber Namez!

Note: Teddy and Mary met one another at Brookdale. Both women have lived lives blazing trails for future generations!

This past year Mary's husband, whose name just happens to be Teddy, passed from this life and on to glory. Today, July 30th, would have been their 68th wedding anniversay!

Mary was a loving wife, mother and homemaker. The joy of her life is her beautiful, growing family!

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