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Poland has THE best last names!

Typically the focus of Ubernamez is on a person's unique first name...the name that I see when I get a trip request. But recently I've had several passengers from Poland, and it is often the last name that catches my attention.

Two days ago I had the pleasure of driving three young passengers. Each one had an interesting background and career.

Jeffrey was from China and worked in the field of internet security. Hubert was a musician and composer. He was visiting the the United States from Poland. And Monica, originally from Poland, is a network engineer and lives in Florida.

When I told them about Ubernamez, Monica revealed her unique last name..."Skibicki".

The name is pronounced Ski-bee-ski. AWESOME!!!!

She immediately earned a place of recognition on Ubernamez!

A previous passenger from Poland had one of my all-time favorite last names. The name had 11 letters and only one true vowel! The name is "Skczychylaz"...pronounced Ska-chill-us!

Before I knew his true name, he told me that he went by the last name "Smith". He explained, "It was just a lot easier for everyone!"

I love hearing your names and your amazing stories!

And to think that God knows each and everyone by name...and with the proper pronunciation! Psalm 91:14

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